The D. O. Fagunwa books in the format of Voice over Sounds & Effects (VoSE)

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This project is about the reading of the D. O. Fagunwa books in the format of Voice over Sounds & Effects (VoSE), which is branded as “Iwe Akagbo”. Iwe Akagbo means the audio production of a book that is read to be listened to, having been recorded into an audio media.

The books of D. O. Fagunwa we are working on for the VoSE are;

  1. Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole
  2. Igbo Eledumare
  3. Irinkerindo Ninu Igbo Elegbeje
  4. Ireke Onibudo and
  5. Adiitu Olodumare

The decision to embark on this project emanates from our interests in: the richness of the Author’s tales as narrated in the books; his literary prowess; and the Yoruba culture around which the Author ‘weaved’ the lessons he wanted to convey to the society at large, as brilliantly laid out especially in one of the titles which is Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole. This particular title as far as we are concerned remains the flagship of all the titles, which according to our research is the most widely searched book either on the internet, bookshops, or various online Forums.

Even though we stand to gain from our investment in prosecuting the project, our interests in the preservation of the deep Yoruba literary/fiction prowess of our highly gifted Yoruba authors remain the focal point for us, as we believe this project will assist in propagating the Yoruba language, re-awakening interests through the listening to the productions through which Yoruba words pronunciations will be enhanced especially in the knowledge of our Yoruba children in diaspora.

Our uses of the publications will be on “as is” basis, and the value to be added in reproduction will not change the original content of the books.2

The Stages of the Project

First Stage – The first stage involves the conversion of D. O. Fagunwa books to audio through reading of each book and adding sound effects to the story being read as told by the author. This production format is called Voice over Sound & Effects as stated earlier. The other part includes the analytical group discussion in which each book is ‘dissected’ (called Ijiroro) to explore the messages, lessons and their meanings, as are well crafted and relayed in the story. Every book has its own Ijiroro.



The Nature of Our Production

The nature of our production is in the audio recording of each book under a system known as Voice over Sound & Effects, or VoSE. This system which is Pioneer in nature, is branded as “Iwe Akagbo”, that is, the book that is read and recorded into audio format for the listening pleasure of all and sundry.

Apart from reading of the books into recorded audio, we also intend to have a group discussion on the books as analysis for each book. These same discussions are also recorded and will be sold with each book. That is the group analysis discussions on the book, Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irnnmole VoSE audio recording will be packaged together with Iwe Akagbo Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Irunmole. This process will be repeated for other four books.

Distribution of Finished Products

The types of the media we will use for the distribution of the finished products areas outlined in Table 1 above.

Digital Contents

Audios- The contents of our products can be safely distributed on copy-protected USB’s, Download Cards and online downloads.

Streaming, Download and physical options: The system will allow contents to be accessed directly without having to wait for the download (streaming). But in case of slow or unreliable connection the contents can be downloaded for local running instead. Anytime the user/purchaser connects to the internet, the player which (FluxPlayer) is being used for any of the media chosen by the purchaser carries out a handshake check to ensure the authenticity of the content license ownership. What exactly is allowed depends on the license permission defined by us.


Target Market & Marketing

The systems is designed with the flexibility that allows the following: 

          Group Distribution –  This option allows us to distribute the contents based on group members, such as in schools, so a discount can be applied. Each member of a group is individually assigned to the group by us via individual code. 

Our target markets for these products are:

Yoruba scholars, within Nigeria and in diaspora,

  • Yoruba people within Nigeria and in the diaspora who are yearning for Yoruba stories, that are becoming scarce unlike in the past,
  • Yoruba people in diaspora who want to sustain their Yoruba culture through epic works like this, especially Yoruba people who studied these books while in high school in the 60’s who relish the richness of creative stories told in these books, and want to share with their children,
  • Yoruba students in higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, including Yoruba scholars at various universities running Yoruba language courses in the USA, France etc.
  • Yoruba people who are passionate in promoting the sustenance of Yoruba culture, and works like these.