Integrated School Manager makes your management more effective, your profit larger and your life easier.

Integrated School Manager is a software package which has been specially designed to assist Nigerian teachers, principals, school administrators and proprietors in all aspects of the daily management of their schools. With Integrated School Manager on your desktop, you all at once:

  • Keep your school’s accounts
  • Manage your finances
  • Control and monitor your fixed assets
  • Pay your staff and produce pay slips
  • Organize your classes and teachers
  • Grade and monitor your students
  • Produce broad sheets and report sheets.


All the school assets are managed here. As a school administrator, the importance of asset tracking can never be over-emphasized as it allows you to know who holds an asset and its location just at a click of a button. You can also know the total worth of the school’s assets at any time. Such reports as Asset history, Asset register, Asset holder and location, Asset Depreciation are generated.
The school accounts module is the financial house where all your financial transactions are recorded. Investments, capital introduction or deposits into the business are recorded in this module. Such daily transactions as trade in goods, consumables, debt clearing, trade of services can be easily recorded for effective financial management. As an administrator, you will be able to know the loans and advances that have been paid to your staff or granted to your school. You will also monitor petty cash advances. You can view your balance sheet and income statement and take stock. You can also reverse transactions. The following reports can be produced: Receipt, Invoice, Proforma Invoice (Bill), Shareholders’ Account, Current Inventory Position and Stock Valuation, Creditors and Debtors List, School Expenses Record, Cash and Bank Payments, etc.
This part handles everything pertaining to your students. Here, you define your academic chapters, your classes and groups, your grading conventions, the number of examinations and their associated weights. You register your students to classes and the subjects taught, allocate teachers and assign electives, if any. Various reports can be generated: Birthday List, Examination Broadsheet, Mid-Term Report, Term Report Sheet, School ID Card, Phone Book, Student List, Score Sheet, etc.
The purpose of this module is to handle information about your staff. You start by recording your departments and the positions that are available in each department. Identification of each staff is then made by entering the recruitment date, name, gender and teaching status. You can as well enter your salary data and specify the allowances and the deductions to be made to assist you to run payroll for the staff. The software automatically calculates net pay after all deductions have been made. Pay slip, Payroll report, Staff records, etc. can be viewed.
In this module, you can record appointments, be reminded at the appropriate time and avoid appointment clashes. You can also make reservations of assets and/or locations and know the duration of their retention by a staff, student or other stakeholder. Appointment for a day or of an individual and reservations of asset or location for a particular period of time can be viewed.

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Move From Pen To Computer

We have taken great care to convert the complexity of the package into a robust, easy-to-use and attractive interface so that, even with no prior computer knowledge, users can quickly become conversant with the use of the package. The technical jargon has been largely avoided. Many messages have been built-in to provide user guidance each time operations require such guidance.

ISM Subscription Packages


  • Students’ Records
  • Staff & Payroll


  • Students’ Records
  • Staff & Payroll
  • School Accounts


  • Students’ Records
  • Staff & Payroll
  • School Accounts
  • School Scheduling
  • Fixed Assets